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Client Win, A-M Church Supply for Quick Connect USA, a Telecommunications and IT Management Company

CLARKSTON, MI—May 21, 2008—Saginaw, Michigan-based A-M Church Supply has selected Quick Connect USA to design and develop its communications network. Their goal was to streamline and simplify their operations by creating a call center at their main location. “With Quick it was basically seamless. We now have all calls answered intelligently by our call center professionals with the aid of Quick’s exclusive software, and I only have to write one check every month for all my IT needs,” noted Tom Klopp, President of A-M Church Supply. “They need to be a church supply company, not a phone company, and that is the beauty of the hosted VoIP solution since we manage the system for them,” said Bruce Yuille, President of Quick Connect USA. Klopp went further saying, “With Quick it is all about service after the sale; their customer service is exceptional.”

Quick Connect USA was able to provide a workable hosted solution for the inefficiencies of A-M’s previous phone system; where calls were once dialed directly into one of their seven site locations. A-M worked with Quick to create a call center, helping them to more effectively connect their customers with the right departments and stores. Additionally, where out-of-state calls to other A-M locations were once toll calls, they are now a simple four digit extension within the company. A-M also sought a database and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) program, which Quick Connect USA was able to provide via their exclusive Quick Capture call management software tool, which automatically records all in-bound and outbound calls into a manageable database. This software simplifies telephone operations by reducing ten-digit dialing to a single “click of the mouse” along with many other similar features.

A-M Church Supply was initially founded in Bay City, Michigan in 1902. In 1988, Marian Church Supply of Saginaw, Michigan merged with the original company to create Andrejewski’s Marian Church Supply. Through subsequent acquisitions, the company has expanded to its current size of four Michigan stores as well as stores in Covington, Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio. A-M Church Supply is highly regarded within the industry for its focus on excellence in church goods and customer service. Their customer relationships are built upon integrity and helping each and every church build, maintain, and grow in dignity, beauty, and architecture.

Clarkston, Michigan-based Quick Connect USA was founded in 2001. They are a full-service telecommunications and IT management company whose goal is to work with customers to create customized solutions. As a partner with Cisco Systems, they are highly regarded in their field with a mission statement focused around building long-term relationships where Quick manages data, network, and voice needs for select customers.

To find out more about Quick Connect USA visit their website at www.quickconnectusa.com or call 1-800-GO-QUICK. For a complimentary consultation on Quick Connect USA’s service portfolio, please visit their “business solutions” page at www.quickconnectusa.com/business/large_index.asp and complete the contact fields to notify a Quick Connect USA representative. To contact A-M Church Supply, please visit their website at www.am-church.com.


Contact: Brittney Yuille
Phone: (800) 467-8425